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Silicone Teardrop Eyelets| Double Flare Tunnels | 6mm-24mm

Silicone Teardrop Eyelets| Double Flare Tunnels | 6mm-24mm

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These teardrop thick silicone tunnels take regular silicone tunnels to the next level with the unique teardrop shape.

The silicone is flexible, allowing for easy insertion and maximum comfort. At the same time, the high-quality silicone is sturdy, so the teardrop shape will hold when you are wearing them.

Silicone is the perfect material for ears that are already stretched and healed. The very lightweight material of the silicone makes them great to wear when doing pretty much anything!

Shape: Teardrop

Flare: Double Flare

Gauge Size: From 6mm (2g) - 24mm (15/16")

Wearable Area: 6mm

Material: Flexible Silicone

Quantity: 2 Pieces (1 pair)

Don't worry about how to measure, simply select your actual plug size and we will do the rest!

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Size Guide

Sizing for Ear Stretching Jewellery


Below is a guide on how to measure Body Jewellery. **PLEASE NOTE** We ask that you please choose your products carefully. For health and safety reasons we DO NOT accept returns on body jewellery if you choose the wrong item or incorrect size.


Plugs and Tunnels

The size stated for plugs and tunnels is the diameter at which the item sits in the ear. (the size of your hole)

If you are buying 'double flared' plugs or tunnels, be aware that the actual end diameter of the item is larger than the diameter at which the item sits in the ear. The flared part of the plug is usually 1mm - 1.5mm larger. The flare is what keeps the plug in the ear. See the info on double flared plugs on our ear stretching information page.

Tapers, Spirals and Hangers

The size stated on tapers, stretchers, spirals, hooks and hangers is the maximum diameter of the item

Ear Weights

The nature of ear weights is that they require a minimum size hole to be worn. For example an 8mm ear weight can be worn in an ear stretch of a minimum of 8mm but can also be worn in larger stretched ears.

If you are at 12mm you can wear all weights listed up to including 'For 12mm and above' So you can wear 'For 6mm and Above' 'For 8mm and Above' 'For 10mm as well as 'For 12mm and Above'  But items labelled 'For 14mm and Above' will be too big to fit your ears.


light 10g -20g
medium 20g - 30g
medium heavy 30g -35g
heavy 35g +


Millimeters or Gauge Size

In Australia we tend to measure our body jewellery in millimeters. In the USA and Canada body jewellery is measured in Imperial gauge sizes.
These ARE different! See below for a conversion chart.

Gauge to Millimeters.
18 gauge = 1.0mm
16 gauge = 1.2mm
14 gauge = 1.6mm
12 gauge = 2.0mm
10 gauge = 2.4mm
8 gauge = 3.2mm
6 gauge = 4.0mm
4 gauge = 5.0mm
2 gauge = 6.0mm
0 gauge = 8.0mm
00 gauge = 10.0mm
000 gauge = 11.0mm

after '000' inches are used.

12mm = almost 1/2 inch
13mm = just over 1/2 inch
14mm = almost 9/16 inch
15mm = almost 19/32 inch
16mm = 5/8 inch
17mm = almost 11/16 inch
18mm = just over 11/16 inch
19mm = 3/4 inch
20mm = 25/32 inch
21mm = just over 13/16 inch
22mm = almost 7/8 inch
23mm = 29/32 inch
24mm = just over 15/16 inch
25mm = almost 1 inch
26mm = just over an inch
28mm = almost 1 1/8 inch
30mm = almost 1 1/4 inch
32mm = 1 1/4 inches
35mm = 1 3/8 inch
38mm = 1 1/2 inches
40mm = almost 1 5/8 inch
41mm = 1 5/8 inch


Standard Sizing for Piercing Jewellery

Below are the standard sizes at which different piercings are done

Piercing Standard Size
Septum 1.2mm (16G) 
Navel 1.6mm (14G)
Nose 0.8mm (20G) 1.0mm (18G)
Tragus 1.2mm (16G)
Helix 1.2mm (16G)
Rook 1.2mm (16G)
Conch 1.2mm (16G)
Labret 1.2mm (16G)
Monroe 1.2mm (16G)
Ear 1.0mm (18G) or 1.2mm (16G)